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To me Virgin Steele is one of the best bands in the World. So, it's a great honour to present here this interview with David DeFeis, one of the Metal Legends and my favorite vocalist and composer.
You may read my review for the "House of Atreus Act. II" album at Old Reviews and don't forget to check The Official Virgin Steele Homepage. Thanks a lot to Mr. David DeFeis and to the Virgin Steele Headquarters for making this possible.

Congratulations for the great show at Oporto - Portugal, on 15FEB2001.

Despite VS being one of my top bands, it completely exceeded my expectations.

How was your impression about the show and the Portuguese people?
I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THE PORTUGUESE EXPERIENCE! The people were warm and friendly and the gig atmosphere was wonderful!!!

Any comparison with the first show some years ago?
This was much better all around!!!

How was the tour with Freedom Call and HammerFall? Any funny history that you want to share with us?
The Tour was Truly Great!!! All the gigs were very well attended and in fact most were sold out!!! All 3 bands were well received by the audience and all 3 bands got along with each other quite well!!!

It's great that VS, a band with already 20 years, can share the stage with much younger bands. Don't you think about it, some people in these bands may have grown up hearing VS?
Perhaps they did! Music transcends all barriers including age and regardless of the fact that we have been around a great length of time we are still in our infancy and have the stamina/energy of hungry lions!!! And...we had the youngest guy on tour, our bass player is 19 years old.

Have you already heard Tobias Sammet's Avantasia?

What do you think and how was your participation in the other Metal Opera project?
The album is quite good and I enjoyed doing my part of Jakob the Monk! I got to sing like a total wild man and I basically ripped and roared my way through the entire thing!

In the "Marriages+Invictus" and "The House of Atreus" sagas, the major theme is the oppression by the ancient gods, gods that have very human defects. Do you intend to deliver a message about the present, with oppressive and abuse of power governments?
I am always talking about the present and the future, even if I am dealing with the past, as all is the same. These Myths are just starting points or platforms for my commentary on Modern Day Life!!!

What is your opinion about the American Metal scene, with all these "false metal" bands and the media not leaving space for True Metal?
It basically sucks! Most of the new bands I have no real interests in and I'm not overly fond of the inclusion of hip-hop elements to Metal. I find it dull and boring (ed. 100% agreed).

In your very busy life, what are your near plans?
A live album, a new album, a DVD, and the re-issuing of the first 2 albums with bonus tracks!!! (ed. only these ? ;-).

Finally, do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse web visitors? I will also place this message in the main page.
Sure!!! Keep well, Thanks very much for all your Belief & Support!!! And....take good care of yourselves and remain....INVICTUS!!!

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