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Brief presentation

Name: Joao "Speedy" Santos - Old photo from Helloween period
Birthdate:December 1963
Occupation: CAD manager, instructor and writer, mainly AutoCAD and 3D Studio
Town: Rio de Mouro, near Lisbon
Country: Portugal

My Metal story

I love Metal since 1979 (I started with the NWOBHM). Between 83 and 86 I belonged to the direction of one of the first Metal fan clubs in Portugal, called Legião Negra (Black Legion). This club published a paper zine called Sons do Apocalypse (Sounds from Apocalypse, same as this net page) that last for 11 numbers. Some years ago, I started my adventures on the net making one of the few portuguese Metal ezines, then based on a national free server, but after lots of problems I moved to Tripod.
This is my new adventure, now in English, but maintaining the basic objectives of the previous Portuguese page. I'm trying to make a page, easy to load and easy to maintain, where I hope to give some information useful for Metal fans. I hope also to contribute for some Portuguese Metal dissemination.

Favorite Styles: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Viking Melodic Death, some Gothic, Dark and Black Metal. My keywords are fast, melodic, guitar oriented and well played.

Favorite bands: Amon Amarth, HammerFall, Equilibrium, Virgin Steele, Manowar, Gamma Ray, Excelsis, Freedom Call, Finsterforst, Tengger Cavalry, Children of Bodom, In Flames, The Storyteller, Dimmu Borgir and hundreds more.

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