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The Storyteller is a new swedish band that released recently the excellent first album (see New Reviews). The questions were answered by L-G (vocals), in the name of The Storyteller, to which I thank very much, not only for the interview, but also for all collaboration and dissemination. Visit the official THE STORYTELLER website: Metal Forever.

The Storyteller started as an acoustic band. How important is this to the actual sound?
Quite alot. Even though our sound today is powermetal the medieval tunes are a very important piece in our music.

Any particular reason to change the name from Storyteller to The Storyteller?
The reason why we changed our name to "The" Storyteller is because that we found out that there was a band in the 80-ties that was named Storyteller. So the easiest solution was to add "The" into our name and there it was: The Storyteller.

In your history there were several musical direction changes. How did you end as a Power Metal band?
I guess that me and Fredrik have always wanted to play powermetal but it has been very difficult finding the right members. And of corse you get through times when you want to try out different styles just for fun. And that is how our medieval sound was written.

Does the band feel belonging to a Swedish Power Metal boom? Do you think that HammerFall opened the stream?
Absolutely!! If it wasn´t for them the Swedish recordlabels would never start to sign other metalbands from Sweden. You can say that HammerFall showed the recordlabels that heavymetal is BACK. But one thing that I must mention is that we do not want to be compared with HammerFall. We consider ourselves to play quite different type of powermetal and hopefully others will notice that.

How was it the work with Fredrik Nordstrom, the producer of your first album (HammerFall, In Flames, Sinergy, etc)?
It was alot of hard work. We lived, ate and slept The Storyteller for three weeks. :-) But it was great working with a guy like Fredrik Nordström. He is without any doubt the best producer/engineer in Sweden today, maybe even in the world or what do you say??

Which albums are The Storyteller members hearing these days?
I can only speak for myself in that matter. At this moment I listen quite alot to Blackmores Nigth, but also all sort of heavymetal like Iron Maiden for example. And of corse Blind Guardian.

Plans for the near future? Any gigs outside Sweden?
Unfortunately we´ll have to wait and see how the record sells before any gigs are planned outside of Sweden :-( But hopefully we will come to you in the near future.

After excellent musics like "Chant of the Thieves" or "Power Within", does the band intend to include in future releases old songs like "The Kingdom Above" or "The Unknown"?
Yes indeed!! we have alot of old medieval songs that we will record on our next album.

Do you want to comment the info spread on the web and how important is it to The Storyteller?
Well, first I would like to give all the credit to Fredrik (our guitarist) for making us heard on the internet. I think it´s very important to make yourself heard in any way that's possible and the internet is one major way to make people hear about you.

"Sounds from Apocalypse" comes from a small european country. What do you know about Portugal?
Not to much I´m sad to say. One thing I know is that heavymetal has become very popular in Portugal.

Do you have a special message for the "Sounds from Apocalypse" web visitors?
Visit our website right now.
Take care and hopefully we will see you guys soon.
Believe in the stories
And you shall be a part of the legend

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