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I'm pleased to present an interview with one of the most promising bands of the moment. This interview was already made some months ago (the answers were sent by the band on 15 August), but due to email problems only recently (17 October) I've got it. Anyway almost all subjects are actual. I have to thank a lot to Lost Horizon, specially Wojtek Lisicki and Christian Nyquist. You can read their album's review at Old Reviews and don't forget to check the Lost Horizon Website.

Are you happy with the reactions to the album, so far? Do you already have sales numbers?
We did expect great reactions but this has went over our expectations! You could count the negative response on your fingers, truly! The only official sales numbers we got is 20 000 sold copies worldwide in the first month after the release. That is pretty satisfying wouldn't you say!? We are now expecting the new figures any week now and I don't think it will be a disappointment.

How much time did you spend in writing the thanks-list for the album? ;) Will we see someday the hate-list?
Of course it took a couple of hours, but it wasn't really a problem since we all know what is important to us and what made a difference in our lives during history. What takes time is to make sure that you don't forget anyone or anything important to you. The lists together with the whole album was kind of a documentation of our personal and musical lives. To display to others what's important to us. Those who follow us on our journey will in time know what we hate and what we love, and who knows, the hate-list might someday be official!

Has we have similar movie tastes, didn't you like the movie "Excalibur" (my all-time favourite), or the list was already quite long?
Actually now when you're mentioning it I regret that I didn't mention that movie! But believe it or not, there were some limitations to the thank-lists. I personally had to skip my "Mind-Twisting Magic" column, due to lack of space! There will be more opportunities though! But you're right, Excalibur is a great movie that provides a huge portion of magic to you mind!

I do appreciate your attitude in regard to "Awakening The World". Are you active militants (eg. Greenpeace or others) or do you express only by the music? Did you participate in the anti-globalisation manifests in Gothenburg, recently (IMO, sometimes it's hard to split the real activists from those who just want to destroy)?
No we're not active militants but if it will become necessary we will! To do it the way it was done in Gothenburg and Genoa is not the way though. There might come a time when the only choice left is to become violent but then everybody must be organized together. As for now the only results will be material damage and injured people for nothing. I mean, the Assholes of Power don't care what's going on outside their meeting. They just kiss each others ass and laugh while zipping on Champagne. These incidents have mainly been done by violent people looking for an adrenaline rush and will not result in anything else than more police coverage the next meetings. The media-coverage of the incidents is very positive though! It makes more and more people wake up and start to react.

Do you think that people is getting your message and started to act more carefully?
There are many that totally understands the whole thought behind Lost Horizon. It's sometimes amusing to hear people's first reaction of the cover and our appearance and how they, after listening to the album and reading the booklet, change their opinion and see the connections between everything that we do. Still there are less gifted and enlightened people that misinterpret everything.

How did you see the American elections? Can this be used as an example of human stupidity and complete disdain for Mother Earth, specially the after we-can-pollute-who-cares-about-our-kids?
Elections were they?! I thought it was a Circus!!! With the chief-chimp as their Headline act. Our dear Master of Idiotism, George Bush, makes the global situation very dangerous and has brought the global-environmental politics back to the stone-age in a couple of months. And the world's power-holders are smiling and shaking his hand!!! Fucking hypocrites, all of them!!! How can we fix this situation when no one stands up!? As I've said before – There might come a time when the only way left is to revolt violently. It is shown time after time that reasoning doesn't have any effect at least not in the speed which is needed. I see a very dangerous evolvement in the world and soon something very extreme is bound to happen in one way or another. As you said, The Human Stupidity will bring us there!

As both bands shared the same origin, how are your relations with HammerFall and how do you see their career, so far?
ZZZZZZ& oh sorry! That question have a tendency to make me lose concentration since I've answered it about… say 150 times!!! Yes, we do have a common history together and that's pretty much it musically. We meet them sometimes in different occasions and me and Stefan are good friends. I'm happy for them. That they got to live their dreams and that they brought a new generation of metalheads to the scene.

About concerts and touring, are you starting to increase your activity? It's a pity that Dynamo was cancelled (your first big festival, right?), but I'm sure that the Wacken Open Air will be great.
Believe me Joao, we want nothing more than to increase our activity! To release an debut album in March makes it difficult to get on festivals and tours that very same summer. The events are booked and confirmed a long time ahead but we managed to get on some, fortunately. Now our biggest ambition is to get on the road as soon as possible. Let's just hope that there a tour suitable for a band of our calibre!

Do you receive many emails? How important is to you this close contacts with fans?
We receive a couple of e-mail everyday that we replies, of course. The close contact is very important for us, especially with those who understands what we're about and appreciates it. However we are getting more and more busy so we don't always have the time to be as thorough as we want but we try our best!

And now my national rib. What do you know about Portugal? Any references?
EEEhh, I had Portuguese wine a couple of times. I got to know some great Brazilian people in my work in Children's International Summer Villages (C.I.S.V). I know they speak some form of Portuguese language which I love. That's pretty much it I'm afraid! But if your philosophy of life is like the Brazilian's I'm fucking coming down there!!!

What are the band near plans? Is the line-up already complete? Have you started to write the second album? What can we expect for it?
The line-up is completed. We are now six members. The new ones are Attila Publik on keyboards and Fredrik Olsson on second guitar. We haven't started to rehearse any new songs, but Wojtek played me some ideas he has for the next album. It's going to be another masterpiece! The sound and the melodies are classic Lost Horizonish, but with over-all calmer tempos and without loosing the power and might. It's more a Kingdom of My Will-feel to the music! Of course there will be explosions of force on the second album as well!!! Just wait and see.

Finally, do you want to leave a message to your fans, that I will place in the Sounds from Apocalypse main page?
Not really, at the moment. I won't force it. But thanks for interesting questions! Take Care.
Christian Nyquist – Preternatural Transmogrifyer of Lost Horizon

Thank you very much for your precious time and the best Metal Wishes to the band and your new album. Hope to see the band someday.

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