Jag Panzer is one of my favorite bands. So, it's with great pleasure that I'm presenting here an interview with the charismatic Mark Briody. They have released recently "Thane to the Throne" (see New Reviews). Thanks a lot to Mark for its kindness and time. More info at The JAG PANZER website.

What happened to the band since the great "The Age of Mastery"? All are great but I can't get enough of "The Moors" song. Are you happy with the album's success?
We did tours both in Europe and in America (headlining in Europe and as support for Iced Earth in America). After these 2 tours we started the long process of working on the story and musical concepts for ‘Thane to the Throne’.

You create lots of 3D rendered models, as seen in the layouts of "The Fourth Judgement" and "The Age of Mastery" and also a lot in the Jag Panzer's site. Which software do you use (my bet is 3D Studio MAX) and how did you start with 3D modeling? Do you also make rendered animations or only still images?
For ‘The Fourth Judgement’ I used 3d Studio version 4 for Dos. For ‘The Age of Mastery’ I used Lightwave, which is now my main 3d software package. I originally planned on buying 3d Studio Max, but the upgrade cost was so expensive that is was cheaper for me to upgrade from my old Amiga version of Lightwave. I started doing 3d graphics with a job I had for the U.S. Air Force. They needed a way to train satellite controllers and they decided to use 3d graphics. My job was writing the training software so I had to learn 3d graphics for this project.

What can we expect from the new Thane to the Throne, not yet released in Europe?
The music follows the mood and feelings of the concept (Shakespeare’s MacBeth) so it’s very epic, dark music with strong melodies. It’s a very thick and layered album. Harry sounds incredible on this album. I think it’s a very strong release.

Are The "Majestic Madrigals" and "The Ancient Order Chorus" acting again ;-)?
That’s funny! You have read the choir credits from ‘The Age of Mastery’! Cool! Most of the same people sing on the choirs on ‘Thane to the Throne’ (except for me, I had a cold and couldn’t sing). The choirs on the new album do have a bit more female vocals in them because of the strong female elements in the story (the 3 witches and Lady MacBeth).

From the last 3 CDs, it's the first one where you didn't make the cover. IMHO the previous 2 are the best 3D based covers that I know (my job is connected with 3D Studio). The new cover is great, but any particular reason for changing?
I was so busy with the music that I had little time for artwork. The small amount of time I had went into the website. Our record label also felt that a traditional metal cover may help them market the cd better.

Now about Jag Panzer's site (BTW highly recommended and full of info, lots of links). How important is the internet to you and the resultant close contact with the fans?
The internet is very important to Jag Panzer. If important for people unfamiliar with the band to be able to hear our music. It’s also important for fans to be able to get the most reliable news and information. It also allows me to keep in direct contact with many people. This is important to me, if someone has a question or comment for Jag Panzer they can write directly to the band, instead of a management or record company person.

How was the recent UltraSound festival to Jag Panzer? From Detritus report, it seems that it was a very enjoyable festival.
The crowd was small, but it was a great crowd (this is always much better then a big crowd that doesn’t care about the music). I thought it was a cool festival, I got to see some great live bands like Steel Prophet. I had a lot of fun there.

Do you have good memories of the concert in Portugal with Gamma Ray and HammerFall, in 1997? Wishing to come back?
Yes, I remember this show. On the beach. It was great! We liked playing in Portugal, we got a very good reception from the people there. The people were cool, the weather and food were both excellent. I want to go back!

What do you know about Portugal and the portuguese music?
For music I only know Moonspell. There are labelmates of ours and I have 2 of their albums (quite good!). I know Portugal has a very long history as a country (much more so then America). I don’t know much, but I remember reading about battles in the sea off of the coast of Portugal.

Do you have a special message to the Sounds from Apocalypse visitors?
Yes, I hope to see you all on tour!

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