Highlord is an italian band that plays good melodic power metal. Despite coming from a country with lots of power bands, Highlord managed to have a proper sound. Sounds from Apocalypse is proud to present this interview with Stefano, guitars. Don't forget to check reviews for both albums at Old Reviews and to check the Highlord website. Thanks a lot to Stefano for their time and quick answer.

Can you give us a brief Highlord history?
Sure! the band was born in 1996 and at the beginning was called "Avatar", we had to change the name in "Highlord" in 1997 because we known that there was already a band with that name....we recorded only a self-produced demo tape in the "Avatar's time"...and it granted us our contact with a we started the recordings of "Heir of Power" that is our first album....we changed singer and bass player in that time....after one year we recorded the new album "When the Aurora falls..." that earned a good consent from the audience. We are making some shows in North Italy, we hope to play on stage on the south of Italy and maybe on Europe.

Which bands do you consider to be Highlord's major influences?
Mmm...Yngwie J. Malmsteen for sure! and old bands like Helloween, Iron Maiden, Europe or Savatage.

Which albums are you hearing these days?
Personally I am listening very often to Avantasia and "Follow the Reaper" of Children of Bodom....he he, yeah I know they are very different kinds of music but I like to liesten to many genres...I don't want to "freeze" my mind at all, so I try to keep it open! (Apocalypse: excellent taste).

In your webpage, I saw that you don't have too many concerts. Why is that, too many bands in Italy, your personal lives don't allow to be on the road, or other reason?
Yes, there is some problem in playing live-shows here....few possibility and too much not a good situation in Italy for Metal shows....

How do you see the Italian Metal scene actually?
As I told you before...there are too much bands...I think we are getting too much of that stuff.. I mean....Power Metal won't live forever if there will be even more power bands...we have to try to find some new solution....maybe a new kind of music....that is what we would like to do, but you not easy!

Do you have good relations with the other bands? Any particular band that you don't like?
He he...yes we are friends with a lot of Italian bands....there is not a band we don't like....but we have to say that we don't follow the Italian metal scene very carefully, because we prefer to listen to foreign bands...there is not a special reason....

Being on a small label, are you happy with Northwind? You have contract for one more album, right? Are you going to have another great digipack layout and a cover from Luis Royo?
Well...we would like to find a bigger label, so at the moment we are looking forward to reaching a new one....anyway...we are quite satisfied with NorthWind Records.

How many "Heir of Power" records did you sell? Do you already have figures about "When the Aurora Falls..."?
Mmm...teasy question!....he he...well..."Heir of Power" sold about 2800 copies in one year....and some songs appeared in a german compilation for 6000 copies..."When the Aurora falls..." sold almost 3000 copies in two months!!! :-) we really hope it will go in this way for a long, long time!!!

For the new album the band took care of the production with Luigi Stefanini (BTW great improvement in the production). This means more confidence from the band or the band wasn't totally happy with the production in the first album?
Oh...God! of course we HATE the production of the first album!!! we won't never do again such a mistake!!! we will always record our albums at New Sins...if possible of course! ;-)

Living in a small country, I have to place a national question. Has any of the members been to Portugal? What do you know about us?
Oooh...sorry we have never ben there...I would like to come in Portugal this summer...I went often to Spain! What we know?....mmm....that there is a great sun and sea....we think is a good place, isn't it? (Apocalypse: he he, just come and see by yourself;-))

How do you see the web, as a help for dissemination? Do you receive lots of emails from fans?
Yes! absolutely! Internet is a very helpfull resort! really...we receive many contacts trought is very usefull!

Finally, can you give me a sentence to be in the Sounds from Apocalypse main page. Thank you very much for your precious time and the best Metal Wishes to the band and your new album (huge sales!!!).
Yes we would like to say "Thanks" to all of you for your kindness...and to all Portuguese Metal heads: "STAYYYY METAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!"

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