SOUNDS FROM APOCALYPSE - Freedom Call Interview

After the excellent "The Crystal Empire" and a memorable concert in Portugal, I'm proud to present this interview with Mr. Daniel Zimmermann, drummer of Freedom Call and Gamma Ray.
You may read my reviews for both albums at Old Reviews and don't forget to check the Freedom Call Homepage. Greetings and thanks to Dan Zimmermann for the quick answer and nice interview. By dividing his time between two greatest bands, I'm honoured that he could find some time to answer my questions.

Did you like the portuguese show, at Oporto - Portugal, despite the small stage? And any comments about the portuguese public?
Freedom Call didn't expect the enthusiastic reactions of the portuguese fans and we are very thankful for their great support, despite the fact we have only been support on this tour. I will always remember this show, also the venue and the nice day in Porto.

How was the tour with HammerFall and Virgin Steele? Do you have any funny stories to share?
We had a good time with the Virgin Steele guys together on the bus, we had lots of nice parties. Funny things happened during the last show on the tour in Kopenhagen, when Hammerfall where standing in the back during our show and singing "with us" with a harmonizer, so their voices sounded deep and wrong. The Freedom Call choirs must have sounded really funny and weird to the audience, because you could hear it also front of house.

Are you happy with the reactions to "Crystal Empire"? IMO, it's a superb and a very well balanced album, one of the best this year, so far.
The reactions to the new Freedom Call album where very good in whole Europe, especially the fan reactions, as we could see on tour. This is the most important thing for me.

Where do you and Chris get the influences to the fantasy lyrics?
By watching movies, reading books, watching exhibitions.........watching what is going on in life.

As the Tales of Taragon haven't finished in "Crystal Empire", new chapters will be expected for next albums?
For us it was a good expierience to work with a little story, the songs, feelings, the lyrics get inspirated by a story and vice versa. So why not doing another album with another little story, maybe chapter 3. We'll see, what the new songs are like.

I think that Freedom Call is becoming closer to Helloween's Keeper years than Gamma Ray (more melodic, better hymns, great musical lines), at least from last albums. Do you agree?
Gamma Ray has its own style and own charm. I agree, that Gamma Ray is different from Helloween now. Gamma Ray found an own style. Freedom Call is a young band and I think the music is always an expression of yourself. And you never stand still, you always learn as a person and develop and its exactly the same with the music you play. And of course we are inspirated by Helloween not by Gamma Ray.

It's hard to manage your time between Freedom Call and Gamma Ray? Will it be worst, as Kay is about to leave Iron Savior and probably will dedicate more time to Gamma Ray?
Sometimes it is hard to combine the two bands. But there is always a solution and we are working together very well. And the two bands know each other and respect each other. I hope this will stay.

Have your ever been to Portugal, besides the two concerts (Gamma Ray and now Freedom Call)? What memories do you keep from us?
I've never been to Portugal before. I've seen a very nice town (Porto) with a nice atmosphere and I've seen a very enthusiastic audience. I'll never forget it.

What will be the next Freedom Call activities?
We are trying to play some festivals in summer, write new songs and hopefully start the recordings to the new album this year.

Finally, can you give me a sentence to be in the Sounds from Apocalypse main page?
Well guys, it was a pleasure to do the interview! Thanks for the support and see you all somewhere out in Portugal.

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